What are we doing?

Enterprise System Configuration

We design your processes in a unique way for the modeling and definition of your business processes, which are the basic structure of corporate functioning, and for a flexible and simple design as a part of digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

We integrate Industry 4 transformation components into business processes in accordance with organizations' digital transformation strategies...

Talent Management

We define your organization's talent pool for both white collar and blue collar. We identify the development needs of your employees. We design academies tailored to the institution and the individual...

Employee Engagement

Our digital interaction platform EMPACTIVO, which aims to provide employees with access to new generation learning methods and supports bonding among employees by increasing in-house interaction...

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot – Smart Assistant

Palmate, the emerging digital solution in the fields of employee communication, employee experience, customer communication, customer relationship management, stakeholder chain communication.


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